We are excited to let you know more about Adhoards before investing in our platform?

We covered 2100+ Cities globally
We cover 78 Country.
We available across 160 categories in every cities.
Over a Million people reach our platform per month.
We have regular active users in every sections.

Now imagine the visibility that your brand could get.

Who Use Adhoards?

It is a basic question! What kind of audience you want? Would you like to target the ads towards a certain audience? Know more - what makes up the Adhoards audience!

The visitor base comprises mostly of male demographic - up to 70%. Most of the audiences are in the age group of 20-35 years.

But why Adhoards and not some other platform?

  • This platform let its consumers to rent, sell or buy anything across more than 160 countries - Apartments for Rent, Computer, Bikes, Beauty Services, Tech Products and more.
  • Adhoards is user-friendly and powerful that helps to target users based on product name search, subcategory, category and city.
  • On Adhoards, visitors spend over 4 minutes on an average. Adhoards converts, invites and urges in an efficient and alluring users flow.
  • Adhoards authorizes and allows visitors to indulge in deals that totals to more than a million.

Meet Millions of Future Customers and Get Started.

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